Whether you are a long-time patient or new to our office, we would love to hear from you! If you’ve had an experience at Coastal Family Dental that you would like to share with us or with others, please feel free to contact us!

My son unfortunately has needed a lot of dental procedures on his baby teeth. And it’s caused him to be very afraid of going to the dentist. Luckily everything changed when we started seeing Dr. John at Coastal Family Dental!
First of all Dr. John and his staff treated us like family so we immediately felt comfortable. He explains what needs to be done in easy terms we could understand and he really shows care and concern for the health of our teeth.
My son needed a tooth extracted and was very very nervous. Dr. John has a soothing manner and helped my son to stay calm. The best part is his technique of injecting the anesthetic. I was sure he would cry out in pain but my son didn’t even whimper! There was no pain! This made the entire process a hundred times better than our previous experience elsewhere.
Not to mention that Dr. John stayed after hours to do this because we were headed out of town. The best service ever and great results.
Dr. John will be our dentist for life!

Tessa N.

My grandmother would have loved coming here for her dental treatment! I am super happy and grateful to have a local dentist like this one. I walked in feeling scared of that my baby tooth was on its last breaths of life and would be needing an implant or bridge sooner than later. I walked in and was greeted, feeling welcomed right away by the dental assistant and Dr. Nguyen. He took the time to hear out all of my concerns regarding my teeth. He was very knowledgeable on what I thought or had been told by a previous dentist. He offered me solutions, and took care of my concerns in an effective timely manner. I walked out feeling a lot more at ease, and happy that if anything is to happen to my teeth in the future I can come back. And without a problem know that I will be in good hands and that my teeth will be taken care of. Thank you Dr. Nguyen!

Amy P.

Dr. John Nguyen was super, super, super nice and helpful. He was very approachable and easy to talk to. He and his staff made sure that I was comfortable the entire time. I went to a different dentistry place and they wanted to charge me about 6 times more than what Coastal Family Dental charged me!! I saved so much money. He extracted my top two wisdom teeth in for sure less than an hour! It was quick and painless because they numbed me up real good. Both my teeth came out in one piece! (And they let me keep my teeth!) Thank you Dr. John!!!! I will be coming back here again. 🙂

Also the rest of the staff here is very hospitable and hard-working. One of the staff members offered me water while I was waiting and chapstick for when my lips were dry. Halyna the hygienist actually referred me to this dentistry! She’s super friendly and made me feel at ease. She complimented how cute my teeth looked. :-))) Melissa, the receptionist, greeted me when I walked in and made scheduling my next appointment very easy. She was very easy to talk to! The place itself is very clean, which is always a plus!

10/10 I would recommend to this place to everyone!

Anny D.

Dr John is wonderful. His staff is friendly and happy. He takes great care of my family’s teeth. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, caring and gentle on the teeth dentist!

Elaine D.

Definitely give this place 5 stars. Today was my first visit at Coastal Family Dental, I came in for a standard cleaning, and also got a couple fillings done.

The staff here is so welcoming, helpful, and professional! I felt like I was in good hands.

Helena, the hygienist, did my cleaning and I was so impressed with her work. She is extremely thorough, patient, and personable. I did not feel like just another patient, as she takes the time to answer questions and makes sure you’re doing okay and satisfied 🙂

Dr. John helped me out with my fillings, and he was very knowledgeable and patient. Because it was my first time in, he made me feel right at home!

The office is very clean, there are complimentary refreshments, and all the equipment is up to date. Would definitely recommend coming here if you’re in the Costa Mesa community!

Grace V.

Dr. John and his staff are exceptional. Expect superior service and a team that is welcoming. friendly and professional.  I found Coastal Family Dental after poor experiences with three other dentist in my network What a welcome relief to finds someone that holds himself to the highest standards, is responsive and has your comfort as a priority.

Recently Dr. John provided me with a new bridge. His work was of the highest quality but the manufacture of the bridge was not. The porcelain of the bridge fracture twice. Dr. John not only replaced the bridge but personally ordered it manufactured at a higher, more expensive quality – absorbing the extra cost himself. I ask you, who does that? Only an exceptional dentist. A dentist, that if you read his reviews, earns all FIVE STARS.

Robert D.

I’m the type of guy that avoids dentist at all cost.. Yes, I was that kid with cavities on every tooth and all the dentists and I had a mutually hateful relationship.

Now that I am a grown adult (or on the outside at least). With some serious recent sensativity issues, I had to find a dentist quick, and so the hunt was on. I randomly came across this office from a promotion I had that expired over a year ago. So I scheduled an appointment, I was glad I did. All of his staff were extremely nice and helpful. Dr. John was extremely patient and light with his hands.  Everything went super easy and very pleasant..

Will definitely come back and refer them to everyone I know!!

Timothy S.

So happy to have finally found a dental office that thoroughly cleans my teeth without making my entire mouth bleed in agony and pain. My anxiety and stress has now disappeared since discovering this super friendly and professional office!

The dental hygienist Halyna was very gentle at cleaning and all the while educating me on my teeth. She suggested and carried a product in stock that will remove my super noticeable white spots that I thought were permanent and incurable since I had them forever and none of the other previous dental offices never mentioned or cared about. This made me feel like they actually care about their patients and are not after their money like so many other dental offices I’ve been to. Even though Halyna was gentle, my teeth were squeaky clean afterwards.

Dr. John was super nice and informative while making me feel comfortable the entire time. The office overall is clean and super professional from the time I stepped in to the time I left. They even had mouthwash in the restroom if you want that extra clean feeling – that’s always a plus! I highly recommend Coastal Family Dental to all my friends and family and that says a lot since I hate going to the dentist, but not anymore! 🙂

Lily G.

I came here with my mom for a checkup and cleaning. Dr. John is very personable and professional and the staff are very good at what they do. Halyna was my hygienist and my teeth have never felt so clean; ever.

My mom and I left feeling very happy with Dr. John and his staff. If you’re looking for a new dentist, definitely make an appointment here.

Francis D.

Excellent Dentist.  Very personable.  I get the impression and feeling from Dr. John that he truly cares about your dental health rather than making money off of you and your insurance. 5 stars all the way!

Sanny D.

This has got to be the best dental office! I’ve never been to a better dentist. The staff is awesome and always greet you with a smile and are super friendly and helpful. They do what they do and it always turns out great! They get u in fast and a very good job. I have had a root canal and a filling and both experiences were without hassel and went smooth. Again, i highly recommend this dental office!

Becky C.

I am a first time Coastal Family Dental patient. I found them through my insurance because it was the closest place to my new place and I couldn’t be happier about my choice! The staff of Coastal is great and super helpful. They go out of their way to make sure you have an exceptional experience.

Dr John, is the best dentist I have ever had and I had my childhood dentist until I was 25 years old. He is very thorough and transparent, making sure that you know what is going on inside your mouth and why. He is very personable which is very refreshing for dental care. He takes the time to get to know you and to always make sure you are comfortable. I instantly referred my girlfriend and will be referring all of my local friends.

Thomas M.

I’ve always been terrified of the dentist but ever since I started coming to see dr john, I am no longer scared. I had to get a bit of work done which required multiple visits. Each time I came in i had less and less anxiety. Now I’m actually looking forward to my cleaning with Halyna and dr john in 6 months. I already referred my sister, and I will definitely be referring everyone I know! Thank you dr john and staff!!

Amber G.

Great experience! I am so happy I came to see Dr. John! Coming to the dentist has been a relaxing and friendly experience. I HIGHLY recommend this dentist!

Jessica M.

Came here by a recommendation of a good friend and it did not disappoint. I’ve always hated dental offices but dr. John, Halyna, and the rest of the staff of coastal is on another level! Everything is quick and neat and professionally done. Will definitely continue to recommend this place everyone I know.

Tom N.

Best dentist I have ever been to . The staff is so amazing  they were able to squeeze me in last minute on an emergency and able to do my root canal and crown all in one location , which saved me thousands from having to go through a specialist . I highly recommend to anybody

Michele C.

I was referred to Dr John from a friend and decided to give him a try.  Came in for a check up and cleaning.  Have to say it was a great experience.  The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating.  Dr John was really down to earth and cool.  He was great about walking me through the results of my check up and did not try to up sell me on other services.  The hygienist did an amazing job as well.  My teeth feels super clean.  This office definitely has a welcoming feel and they even have a coffee station for their patients.  I will be a regular and will be referring Dr John to friends and family.

John L.

Dr. Nguyen is not only the BEST in Costa Mesa he’s the best dentist in all OC! Hands down! He is really honest and a really cool guy. I have been looking for the right office to fix my teeth for a while now. My last dentist made me feel uncomfortable and kept up-selling me and was charging me for things I didn’t even need! I had to walk out of there if not I would of been in debt if I stayed. I’m so happy I found Dr. Nguyen he makes me feel so comfortable every time I go there for my appointments. I’m so excited to start Invisalign with Dr. Nguyen. He was very informative and made me it easy for me to understand my treatment. The front desk Elizabeth was super friendly and made it super easy for me to schedule an appointment. She greeted me with a smile and made sure I felt comfortable before meeting Dr.Nguyen by playing my favorite show on Netflix! (: Steph the dental assistant also is friendly and is very patient with me!

Devin L.

Dr. John is a rarity. I’ve had many things done by Dr. John and each time he’s done a wonderful job. I recently had some cosmetic work done and it turned out beautiful.

Marissa H.

Want a trusting staff and a knowledgeable dentist? …. YOU found the right place.

Doctor John is an excellent dentist and very detailed.  He was careful took the time to explain every procedure he was doing. For example, he explained to me why my jaws may be hurting or why food was getting stuck between one set of tooth. He gave me reasoning and solutions to what I can do.
He is a professional and has a natural awesome personality.

I am in love with Halyna the hygienist! She got my teeth sparkly white and clean. Her laugh is beyond contagious and my kids loved her!

The office is very clean and the front desk receptionist Amber is amazing! There’s a nice family vibe to this place and I highly HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it.

Lisa H.

My hygienist is the most sweetest, very nice people, love how they take good care of my teeth.

Jemelynn R.

De Nguyen is the best dentist we have found in Costa Mesa. So happy we found him. He takes his time and does what is best for each person (we are a family of 6) which is much appreciated and respected. Never going to another dentist again!

Krista T.

I’m so impressed with Dr John! I came to him for a second opinion on my 5 year olds root fracture to a baby tooth. He was extremely helpful answering my questions and concerns and even contacted me after hours… on a Friday… on a holiday weekend! Wow! Thank you Dr John; I can tell how much you care about your clients!

Kristin B.

I cannot say enough about Dr. John!!! He’s not only a great dentist…but very personable!!! He truly understands each patients’ situation and genuinely ease up any of their concerns!!! He is so accommodating and so down to earth!! I adore his staffs as well!! Very clean and professional but yet family-feel place!! Kudos to you Dr. John and your team!!!

Sid S.

I didn’t have any cavities or anything but clean teeth pretty well and have almost a community feel to it maybe because I’m Vietnamese but yeah they’re friendly.

You can request what you want to watch on their TV, they have Netflix and a bunch of movies, one time they asked me what music I wanted to play and they did it. They also have a coffee machine complete with the fancy coffee serving cups, tea bags, and condiments. They have magazines and the chairs in their waiting room are also pretty comfortable.

Thylak A.

Coastal Family Dental is a rare gem. I am so happy to have found this place. I was badly in need of dental work when I came in. It had been a few years since I had seen a dentist, and I knew my teeth were gonna be a mess.

Dr. John, Amber, and Vanessa all made me feel so welcome. Nobody gave me a hard time about my messed up teeth, and I never felt uncomfortable. Amber walked me through a detailed treatment plan and explained every part of the process. We planned out the next year or so of dental work that I need, and it is a huge weight off my shoulders now.

I just came back from my fourth appointment there. I had to get two root canals and two crowns, and the process was almost completely painless. They take good care of you here.

Anthony D.

I don’t understand why people are scared of dentists but if you are scared, come to Coastal Family Dental. Dr. John makes you feel at ease with your whole grill situation. I had braces and head gear for 8 years, so I know dental work pretty well and I fully recommend this place.

ease of getting an appointment
location right next to Stater bros,car wash, auto parts, Ramen Yamadaya & Confetti (you can knock off items on your errand list!)
Late nights on Wednesday!!

Cons: next to a bad tastea :/

Notes: Full exam .. preventative cleaning for $99 .. just not your simple cleaning

Anhers M.

I believe this is the first Yelp review I have ever written. Helina (My spelling is off I am sure) was so incredibly thorough and welcoming. I have been to so many dentist that just perfunctorily go through the motions. Not this place. I will definitely be back!

Deiya P.

I was referred to Coastal Family Dental after having a bad experience at another office and ended up leaving very satisfied with my experience.

Ironically enough my issue with my previous dentist office was their constant poor on-time performance and my praise for Coastal Family Dental is how well they handled me after I showed up late for their final appointment of the day.

Dr. John and his staff were incredibly accommodating and friendly while remaining thorough despite me keeping them longer than I’m sure they wanted to be there. This says a lot in my opinion and I would not hesitate to recommend this office to anyone based on this experience alone.

Thanks you Coastal Family Dental!

Jonathan N.

I’ve been going to Coastal Family for over 5 years. Now under new management.

Met Dr. John for the first time and he gave me a great first impression. Very friendly and easy to talk to. My front tooth had chipped and he patched it right up right then and there at no extra charge.

Fast, efficient, and friendly staff. Happy to have Dr. John as my new dentist.

Diana E.

My new favorite dentist! It was my first time here and the staff was very welcoming as soon as I entered the door. Dr. John took his time out to explain everything before he started. I felt very comfortable and at ease with both procedures done today. The teeth cleaning did not hurt at all and my Zoom teeth whitening experience was awesome. I highly recommend Dr. John and his staff to my family and friends. I never felt rushed and had a wonderful experience.

Christine C.

Great friendly service. It’s hard finding an honest dentist in Costa Mesa. Thank goodness that Coastal Family Dental is a good honest business. Dr. John Nguyen is down to earth and a good dentist. I will keep coming here

Wendy C.

My fiancé recently got his teeth cleaned at Coastal Family Dental and recommended that I go to this place to get my teeth cleaned too. On my way to the dental office, I was nervous and anxious because I haven’t been to the dentist in years. Once I arrived, I was greeted by the receptionist and Dr. John. They were both very friendly, which helped me feel less nervous. After filling out paperwork, I was called to the back by the dental hygienist, Halyna. The moment we got to her station and I saw that she had a Backstreet Boys music video playing on the TV screen, I knew that I would be in good hands (lol). Halyna was very sweet and I loved how she explained every step to me before she proceeded. I also loved how gentle she was and how she always made sure that I was comfortable and pain-free. THANK YOU HALYNA FOR MAKING THE PROCESS QUICK AND PAINLESS! I’m glad I took my fiance’s advice and went to Coastal Family Dental. I’m definitely going to recommend this place to my friends and family.

Rebecca V.

I am absolutely in LOVE with coastal family dental. Ive been a patient for years and have always felt like their most important patient. Amber does an amazing job being warm and welcome and helping with any questions or concerns I may have in between appointments! Vanessa has very peaceful and loving energy and keeps me calm through my procedures. Dr. John always has a great positive attitude and always remains eager to fix all the problems Ive created with my teeth! if the dentist is scary or intimidating to you, COASTAL FAMILY DENTAL IS THE PLACE TO GO!!~

Jess C.

Dr. John and the team at Coastal Family Dental are awesome!

My mom needed extensive work and Dr. John was honest in setting up everything she needed without the high pressure techniques that you get at other offices.

The reason I trusted his opinion was because he presented the simplest solution for my mothers very complicated condition. She was missing teeth which needed both implants and bridge work. My engineering background told me that the simplest solution will lead to the longest lasting solution and his recommended treatment matched what my intuition told me.

Dr. John is very insightful and I appreciate his straightforward approach in helping out my mom!

Paul Y.

Great experience at Coastal Family Dental.  Doctor John was great!Explained everything that needed to be done.  Felt he had my best interest in mind.  Everything went smooth and painless.  Best dentist experience I’ve ever had!  Amber at the front desk was very sweet also.

Kenny K.

Trips to the dentist can be daunting and scary but coming here has made me look forward to my next check up! The receptionist, Melissa, made my scheduling extremely easy and even bumped my appointment up since I was having gum pain because of my wisdoms. Upon walking in, she greeted me and checked me in right away.

There was virtually no waiting time for my appointment and I was able to sit down and see Dr. John right away. Vanessa came out and did my x-rays and she is the BEST hygienist I’ve ever had! She goes lengths to make sure I’m comfortable and tries every possible way to take my x-rays so that my mouth isn’t in too much pain — x-rays are usually really difficult to me since I have a small mouth.

As for the dentist, Dr. John is PHENOMENAL. He cleaned my teeth right after and he was very meticulous and gentle with the cleaning. He didn’t push me to get anything done that I didn’t need, only recommended that I get my wisdom teeth out in the near future. He’s also very personable and talkative and makes you feel completely at ease, so bonus points for that.

Vanessa wrapped everything up with some polishing and flossed my teeth very thoroughly with her hands. Like….WHAAAAAT? I’ve never had a dental cleaning where someone literally flossed my teeth using just hands and floss…..I’ve only ever had hygienists use some tool that shoots out water aggressively at my teeth to the point where it gets sensitive. So with that, I was blown away.

Left with a bag of goodies to keep my teeth clean and paid nothing since my insurance covered 100% of it. If you don’t come here, you’re making a mistake.

Bells W.

I came in as a new patient and everything went by so smoothly!

Let’s talk admin:
I called about a week before I wanted to come in and they were able to work around my schedule. I spoke to Paul who was very helpful and he was able to schedule my appointment in less than 3 minutes!
I actually called again 2 days before my appointment to see if they could see another patient right after me (my friend wanted an appointment too). I spoke to Melissa this time and she was really helpful too. She was able to schedule my friend right after me and she let me know that if I wanted to speed up our time in the office we can fill out our new patient forms online!
The forms were really easy to fill out and it really did save us some time in the office.

Let’s talk location:
The office is right off the 405 in Costa Mesa so getting there from Irvine was quick, considering I didn’t run into morning rush hour. Google maps has the office on the other side of the plaza though so just keep an eye out!!

Let’s talk doctors and their assistants:
I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Nguyen and Victoria. The whole appointment (with x-rays, my cleaning, and other small work) took about an hour, and through the whole time both Dr. Nguyen and Victoria asked to make sure I was still doing okay or if I needed a break. Dr. Nguyen explained everything he wanted to do and why, and pretty much explained everything he was doing as he was doing it so I knew what to expect! Everything went by smoothly and I LOVE the feeling after a good cleaning!
After, Dr. Nguyen had some recommendations for me to help keep my teeth clean and healthy!

Overall I had a great experience with Dr. Nguyen and his staff.

Madeleine N.

I can’t recommend this place enough. The staff acts as if they actually love their work and are super friendly. Dr. Nguyen spent as much time with me (if not more) than the hygienist- I promise my teeth weren’t that bad- and made me feel super comfortable

And although I am an adult, based on the fact that we were all laughing about the chipmunk song that came on their pandora I am guessing they are super family friendly

They also have some late nights and a couple Saturdays a month open, making scheduling really easy

Jennifer F.

Dr. John is very easy to talk to and makes the whole process simple along with the rest of the staff. I have been here for two cleaning so far and they did a great job and got me out on my way pretty quickly. I have recommended two coworkers to him and they too only have good things to say!

Nico R.

Dr John is very personable and knowledgeable. My wife and I both have had exceptional care and consideration. He explains thoroughly and takes the utmost gentile care in his procedures. His assistant, Melissa is awesome. Stephanie is almost like having another dentist in the room. By the way I have never met a more personable, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful front office manager than Melissa – when you go meet Dr John make sure you say Hi to Melissa for us – you will love her!

John and Kathy

John And Kathy H.

Dr. John, Melissa, and Helena are the best. This is my favorite dental office ever … I feel like family and they do a great job too!

Carmella B.

I have been going here for a few years now. I really liked Dr. Frank and even though he’s moved on, I really liked the new doctor and staff at Coastal Family Dental.  I will keep going.

I like their text confirmations and reminder system.

Carrie M.

Awesome experience! Everyone was pleasant and courteous. Went in for my first visit and they did a bang up job fixing a small chip in a tooth that I had. Best dentist experience I’ve had! Thanks guys!

Clint G.

Great courteous, professional and friendly service.  No wait time – prompt on time care.  Very pleased.

Steve W.

Recently moved to the Costa Mesa area and needed to find a new dentist. Stumbled upon Coastal Family Dental when I was grocery shopping in the same plaza and I was surprised to see that one of my past dentists opened up shop here! I was so glad to see a familiar face on the flier on the office door–Dr. John Nguyen. I made an appointment for a teeth cleaning and had a great experience.

Dr. John welcomed me when I arrived and the receptionist was very friendly and helpful. Halyna, my hygienist did a wonderful job, too–she took the time to explain what she was doing and why, which made me understand why I needed to take good care of my teeth. Time went by fast and I learned a lot of cool info. Would definitely recommend Coast Family Dental to all my friends and family! Oh, and Dr John has an awesome tooth candy dish at the front filled with neat goodies!

Kris L.

We finally decided to switch dentist after 15 years of going to the same one.  After Halyna cleaned my teeth it felt the cleanest it has ever been.

Brought the entire family of 6. After all said and done, it was unanimous from the kids. “This dentist is way better than the other one.” I guess Dr. John just won the kids’ business as our new family dentist!

Vince N.

I’m officially a fan of going to the dentist. I seldom write reviews, but felt obligated to do so.  Who really likes going to the Dr.?  However, these folks made my visit, not only quick, but comfortable as well.

I made my appointment a week ahead and they called a day before my schedule but I totally forgot and asked if they could fit me in. Fortunately, there was a cancellation and I was able to go in on my lunch. Maybe it wasn’t the ease of the procedure or the care of the staff, but more of a welcome feel when I arrived.

Thank you for being ‘patient’s with me and providing services that’s above and beyond.

Chris T.

The staff are very friendly. They always try to accommodate my schedule. I usually don’t have to wait very long in the lobby. The doctor is friendly and knowledgeable. I also like that they open on Saturday.

Tuyen P.

I’ve been here three times since Dr. John took over the practice, and each time has been a 5 star visit. Dr. John and his staff are very friendly and helpful. Dr. John is a great dentist and is able to explain what he’s doing in everyday language. Going to the dentist isn’t my favorite activity, but joking with Dr. John and his team is the best dental experience I’ve had so far, and I highly recommend them.

Jenny M.

I loved my experience and will be returning again for my dental needs. Here’s why:

Great staff: friendly, personable, professional, knowledgeable
– I immediately felt comfortable walking in this place as if I were a current patient. The lady in the front was very friendly and personable, making small talk and offering complimentary beverages. I completed the new patient forms and waited about a minute or so before receiving my teeth cleaning.
– Halyna was the hygienist that did my teeth cleaning. She’s GREAT! Super knowledgeable in how to care for the teeth and provided suggestions on what I could do to continue to care for my teeth. She walked me through the complete treatment and asked how I was doing throughout (pain-free!!)
– The other lady who completed my x-ray was awesome too! Very friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable, as she knows how discomforting it is and completed each snap shot quick.
– Dr. John was very professional, informative, and took great care of my teeth. Provided me fillings that were pain free!

Overall the office has a great atmosphere, clean, and is a great location that is close by. Highly recommended.

Crys V.

I was recommended to Dr John from a friend who had previously worked with him. Dr John and his staff have been great to work with. Yesterday I started my Invisalign treatment and im so excited to see my results at the end of my treatment. Dr john is very professional and confident in his work. The drive I make is about and hour and it’s worth it!

Marisela D.

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